Mission Statement

The Society Of Medicolegal Death Investigators was created to:

  1. Promote training, education and networking opportunities for medicolegal death investigators
  2. Encourage American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigation (ABMDI) professional certification for medicolegal death investigators employed by Medical Examiner and Coroner offices.
  3. Advocate excellence in the field, the highest standards of ethical conduct, professional development and establish best practices for medicolegal death investigations.
  4. Pursue increased training and education funding and to provide high quality, state of the art instruction and continuing educational opportunities to medicolegal death investigators.
  5. Provide a forum for exchange of information, ideas, experiences and discussions of death investigation topics through professional meetings and interactive technology programs.
  6. Provide a voice for medicolegal death investigators to the forensic science community, interdisciplinary agencies, local, state and federal governments and to provide for their unique professional needs.
  7. Provide mentoring opportunities for death investigators, encourage research and promote medicolegal death investigation as a career choice.